We make your wedding day unique and unforgettable

All our floral works are personalized, unique and exclusive for each couple. At Hortensia Arte Floral we make all kinds of designs, from bridal bouquets ...

... to groom and groomsmen buttonholes, bridal headpieces and guests, bouquets for bridesmaids and replica bouquets to give away. We carry out all kinds of floral works, both in natural flower and preserved.

We also have the training, experience and enthusiasm necessary to take care of the complete decoration of where the wedding will be made. We decorate churches, farms, gardens, tables, seating plans, receptions ... with the highest quality flowers of the season and the most creative decorative elements.

- Our way of working -

We work by appointment either to carry out the design of the bridal bouquet, as well as the complete decoration of the wedding.

The first appointment has an initial cost of € 30, since we offer personalized advice, drawing up sketches and making a budget, either to prepare the bridal bouquet or the bridal decoration. This initial cost will be discounted from the bridal bouquet or the decoration of the wedding if you decide to continue with the process.

Why do we charge the first appointment?

Because we highly value the time of our clients and who comes to really know us, as well as our work. By making an appointment we ensure that we have enough staff to be able to attend you without interruptions, have all the material available to advise you and create sketches together, as well as resolve doubts or any questions that may arise. Each couple and each bride is a world and requires their time to create the decoration that best suits their tastes and for this we like to be able to dedicate all our attention to them.

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